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When it comes to custom labels, we usually talk about their design, shapes, sizes, and materials. But then, we need to consider one (more practical than esthetical) thing, and that is label application. How can you apply a label in the best way possible? Read on and find out.

Label application methods

There are two label applications that you can use: by hand or by machine. If you don’t have a large number of labels, you can apply them by hand easily. But if you need labels in big quantities, machine application is inevitable. Here are our guidelines for applying pressure-sensitive labels in order to get the best-looking product packaging.

How to apply your custom labels
  • Clean the surface

This is important because the adhesive might not stick if the surface where you are applying your labels is greasy, dusty or covered with some other particles. To get the best adhesive result, make sure to wipe and clean the surface.

  •  Dry the surface (if possible)

Some adhesives won’t stick to a wet surface and this is why you need to keep the surface moisture-free. But if this is not possible, you should make sure your chosen adhesive can be applied onto a wet surface.

  • Make sure the temperature is right

Labels are usually applied at room temperature because they give the best results. However, if you need to apply your labels at cold temperatures, make sure that the adhesive you are using is suitable for those conditions so that your labels can stick.

  • Repositionable adhesive for applying by hand

In order to avoid crooked labels and any alignment issues, you should use repositionable adhesive. This adhesive will ensure that your label can be removed and applied again for a limited period of time. This will also give you more confidence in applying your labels properly.

  • Clear labels are best applied by machine

If you need to apply clear or transparent labels to any surface, it is recommended to use the machine. This is because bubbles can easily appear between the surface and the clear labels. So, to avoid “bubbling issues”, use a machine label applicator.

These are 5 basic steps that will help you apply your labels easily and quickly. Another advice would be to remain patient and calm while doing it. It might take some time, especially if you have to apply a large number of labels, but it is just one step before you show your amazing product to the world.